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Your business has to meet industry standards, comply with OSHA regulations, and control insurance costs. We specialize in creating quality, cost-effective safety programs, providing professional safety support, and serving as a resource to enhance your company’s safety performance goals.


DCS was founded by David Simmons who is a Florida native and grew up in West  Palm Beach. David managed and grew the safety program of a large electrical contractor for over 12 years, while the company grew from 200 to 1200 employees and from work in one state to five. He developed the safety manual and procedures, inspected sites, trained workers, investigated accidents, and oversaw drug testing while managing a staff of up to four safety managers.


DCS was purchased in March of 2022 and continues on with the basic foundational principals that have made this company so successful. 


Diversified Construction Safety, Inc. creates quality, cost-effective safety programs for your company, provides professional support, and serves as a resource to enhance your company’s current safety program.


We coach to protect. 

  • Our goal is NOT to get you in trouble. Our goal is to coach identified unsafe behaviors so everyone can go home in one piece.  

We create accountability through uniformity.  

  • By setting consistent standards and conducting work the same way every time: We give you the tools to hold each other accountable through specific, measurable observations. 

We promote a Safety Culture.  

  • Safety takes a village: Top-down buy in, ongoing training, and constant monitoring. It’s a long-term commitment to getting every one home safe. Every day. 

We are proactive and welcome feedback. 

  • Our clients rely on us to make observations and recommendations based on our expertise: We make suggestions, and constantly seek feedback to improve our services across all clients.   

We stand our ground.

  • We understand that sometimes we’re perceived as being in the way, but have an important job to do: Keeping people safe. We do not back down when we recognize unsafe behavior.  

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